Public and private companies of all sizes benefit from the experience of our employment attorneys. The expertise and judgment of our lawyers, honed over many years through the successful representation of employers inside and outside the courtroom, allow them to fashion practical and effective solutions for employers.

We believe the best approach for our clients in workplace and employment matters is for them, rather than a third party, to make the decisions. To that end, we work closely with our clients in the initial stages to prepare policies and practical employment handbooks, which provide the organization’s management with a roadmap and maximum flexibility for handling the complexities of employment relationships. We assist clients with the preparation of employment agreements and deferred compensation agreements and plans. In addition, we routinely provide our clients’ supervisors and managers with training and education to help them anticipate and address issues in the workplace, so they do not develop into problems.

When employment disputes do arise, we have experienced litigators who protect our clients’ interests. We regularly represent clients in state and federal agency investigations and court proceedings. We have successfully defended clients in a variety of claims alleging discrimination and wrongful termination. We also work with employers to enforce noncompete, confidentiality, and trade secret agreements.

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